The Schiavio Stoppani Company was established in 1904 by Angelo Schiavio Sr. and Teresa Stoppani when this married couple moved to Bologna with their seven children from a valley around the Lake of Como. Before the move, Mr Schiavio and his brothers were in charge of a very well established factory for the manufacturing of silk.




His eight son, Angelo Schiavio Jr, also known as “Angiolino”, was born in Bologna in 1905 and will later become a soccer champion.

Angiolino Schiavio and his family in Bologna



This new activity starts at the corner of via Clavature and via De’ Toschi with a store where clothing, underwear and spun refined wool items are sold.. A wholesale activity was added to the store on 1919



In 1927, when Angiolino Schiavio, center forward for the team Bologna and the National team, is at the zenith of his soccer player career, the retail store is widened and renovated. Sports equipment and sportswear are sold to the clients.
This is the first store in Bologna of this kind.. It will remain the only one for more than 20 years

In the summer of 2007, the London Times drew up a list of the 50 most important goals of all time in the by now century-old history of world soccer.

Schiavio’s goal, that gave Italy its first world title, scored during extra time in the world cup final when Italy beat Czechoslovakia 2-1 in Rome in 1934, was rated 37th.

Angiolino Schiavio is the only italian, along with  Paolo Rossi, to appear in this special world rating.

By the end of the 1920's, this store was the first place in Bologna where women’s swim suites were introduced and sold.

In 1934 the company Schiavio Stoppani opens another branch in via Rizzoli. 

In 1960 the branch of via Rizzoli is renovated and widened and will remain open until the year 1978.



From now on the merchandise is sold in the store located between via Clavature and De’ Toschi and in the wholesale warehouse located on the first floor above the retail store.

The store has a prestigious location. It is in the historic center of Bologna, only 100 meters away from the central Piazza Maggiore.


For almost a century, the contribution of the Schiavio Stoppani Co. in the underwear and knitwear field has been widely recognized.


At the end of the month of February 2002, the SCHIAVIO STOPPANI Co. closes both the store and the wholesale warehouse and terminates its operation in Bologna.


In the year 2008, Ercole Schiavio, the last sole administrator of the closed company, establishes the SCHIAVIO CANADA in Canada where he has relocated with his family.

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